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Wash HQ is a car wash and valet company offering luxury car spa & detailing service to give your vehicle a prestine clean and immaculate finish.

We offer a wide range of services including:

We use a two bucket method to wash all our vehicles and use mitts instead of sponge to avoid scractches and swirl marks. We have 3 wash options: Basic, Super & Deluxe.

For Interior we use steam cleaning to remove stubborn stains and grime together with quality approved cleaning products.

For Exterior we use high fibre cloth to dry the vehicle which absorbs all the water without leaving any water marks.

For Alloys we don’t use TFR which are known to damage wheels due to harsh chemical content, We use a non-acidic fallout remover which cleans up all the brake dust and alloy grime to bring it back to its orginal gleaming finish.

For Windows we use window sealant where rain automatically shoots off so you don’t need to constantly use your wipers.

Our Valet service includes a pre-citrus wash, hot foam wash, tyre shine, vacuum, shammy leather dry, alloy clean, windows, dash and sills, floor mats, boot clean, steam cleam interior, window sealant, hand polish and exhaust clean. We have three types of valet options: Basic Valet, Super Valet and Deluxe Valet.

For Polishing we use a professionally approved waxing product where we apply it to your vehicle and wait for it to fully dry. Once dried we take it off using a wool cloth which give a perfect shiny finish.

Our Detailing service is an extensive vehicle treatment where we remove everything from fine scratches, swirl marks to holograms. 

We start with washing your vehicle with a hot foam wash and using professional mitts to clean the dirt, grime and tar. We use a shammy cloth to remove all the water without leaving any marks and then apply a full clay treatment on your vehicle. At the same time we apply a fall out remover on your wheels – a non-acidic wheel cleaner to clear out all the break dust and clogged up dirt.

Once the clay treatment has dried we begin polishing your vehicle using a machine to remove all the swirl marks, fine scratches and various other imperfections. We then begin work on cleaning the doors and boot. The final stage is to apply a ceramic protection coating to the vehicle and dress the tyres with a gleaming finish.

Our Paint Protection service protects your vehicles body with our special polish applied to the whole care that not only enhances its paint colour but guards the paint from getting damaged and losing its colour.

Our Steaming service provides an indepth clean to your vehicle including the whole interior, floor, air vents and engine (this option is only available for Super Deluxe Valet). Steaming allows us to remove all  stubborn grime and dirt that does not come off with a cloth.

Our Scratch Removal is a stage 3 polish that automatically removes all the scratches on your vehicle using a special polish that is applied all over the vehicle and allowed to dry for a short period of time. Once fully dried we use a buffering machine all over to bring out the paint work and restore the vehicle to its original paint finish free of scratches and marks.

We use only the best of stuff to clean out germs and viruses from your vehicles. Government approved products.

Shield Guard Covid Guard Surface Sanitiser is tested as effective against all known Coronaviruses and killing bacteria and has been tested to kill 99.99% of bacteria. Fragrance free, non-tainting formula which is suitable for use on all water washable hard surfaces. Shield Guard Surface Sanitiser is biodegradable and phosphate-free, suitable for use on aluminium and the fragrance free version is non tainting for use on food contact surfaces. It passes British EN 14476:2013 and EN 14476 A2:2019 Appendix A standards.

We have both citrus and fragrance free options available.

We have recently started printing registration plates in the following formats:

– Standard Print
– Gel (gel resin number plates are a modern and attractive way of displaying number plates on your vehicle. These number plates are produced with premium acrylic backing plates, and feature gel resin letters and numbers attached to the plate.)
– 3D (3D style number plates are manufactured by coating sheet-cut alphanumeric characters in a polyurethane gel to give them a raised profile on the number plate. This sought-after style of registration is carefully crafted to a high quality to meet BSAU British safety standards.)
– 4D (4D plates are simply the ‘bigger brother’ of 3D gel plates. They are typically manufactured using professionally laser cut acrylic letters as opposed to the raised gel letters found on 3D plates.)

Our car wash and valet services are available in 3 options: Basic, Super and Deluxe. We also provide a Shield Guard Covid Surface Sanitiser as an effective protection against all known Coronaviruses and killing bacteria and has been tested to kill 99.99% of bacteria.